Creative director and owner of Velvet Mesquite Designs. Every day I wake up feeling lucky that I get to lead a team of creative, wanderlust individuals with a passion for designing events and spaces that speak to each client's personality through attention to detail and careful consideration of each aspect. 

Hey y'all! I'm Elizabeth,

Throughout my years in the hospitality industry I've managed to meet and work with some of the most talented individuals in the industry. Because of this, Velvet Mesquite has an incredible arsenal of vendor friends filled with the best of the best in fields like photography, floral design, graphic design, event production and more, that we work seamlessly with for each production. 

Why Velvet Mesquite?

Why Velvet Mesquite? My parent’s house has a gigantic mesquite tree in the front/side yard. Everyone (including family) laughed at my dad for purposefully planting a tree that typically gets bladed when people build and develop. The mesquite has grown into a huge, beautiful tree that now gives shade to the sidewalk and part of the road it's near. It has grown so well because it's been planted in its natural environment, and now it's thriving while all the other trees in the neighborhood are struggling due to the drought. The "ugly little tree" that was once planted, is now the gem of the block—a great reminder to me that we thrive best in the environment specifically meant for us. Velvet gives texture and with each of our weddings I believe we should design using our 5 senses, and velvet is a nod to that. 

I never want to be the type of company that comes in to a town or city, uses it for its benefits and leaves. Therefore every town we work in we set aside a portion of our profit to donate back to a local organization in town that we know could benefit greatly from it. We also try and support other small businesses and families any chance we get. We shop small and shop local for events as often as possible. When we order flowers we do so from a company that we can trace every individual who's benefited from our order, many times back to farmers in other less fortunate countries. 

I can't wait to meet with you over coffee or a cocktail to discuss how we can make your event one-of-a-kind, and memorable for a lifetime! And of course, make you a member of our family!