A variety of mixed blooms and foliage in unique bud vase. 


All flowers and vases are based upon season and availability. For special requests please text or call us at 432.528.0780 or email us at connect@velvetmesquite.com. 

Little Buddy

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  • All Velvet Mesquite arrangements are made from the freshest flowers. Flowers, like people are delicate. To keep them looking pretty for as long as possible, change out their water to fresh, cool water every other day. As flowers die, pull them out of your arrangement as the bacteria from dead flowers will taint the water and cause the others to die. Store your flowers in a cool room, away from vents, heaters, or produce. Never stick your flowers in your refridgerator.

  • All of our products are quality checked before you leave the store with them. Be sure to check water levels when you arrive home with them as they may loose water in transportation. Read our 'FLOWER CARE' section to learn how to make your flowers last as long as possible.