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  • An oil mist with the absorption of toner and potency of a serum, packaged in a mini mist bottle to hydrate and moisturize the skin on the go.
    Note: The formulation or the ingredients infused may change seasonally according to the harvest period.
    Size: 30ml
    A nourishing facial mist is blended with 78% prunus mume fruit water and other EWG-verified ingredients, instantly revitalizing and boosting the moisture level of thirsty skin.Enriched with natural essential oils to nourish and condition the skin while providing long-lasting moisture.
    Perfect to use after cleansing or throughout the day for a quick, dewy refresh to the skin.
    How to use:
    1. Shake well before use.
    2. Spritz two to three times from a distance, and gently tap until well absorbed.

    Time Is Running Out Mist - Mini

    SKU: 77MLZJD43J

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