wedding & event

design + planning + coordination

"curating one-of-a-kind weddings & events in

West Texas and beyond"

We love, no we CRAVE weddings and events that tell a story. Ones that are as unique as the couple, individual or occasion you're celebrating. We want to get to know you through the planning process so that when the day comes, it is your friends designing, coordinating and carrying out your celebration, not just hired help. 

Whether you're eloping to the middle-of-nowhere, celebrating a significant birthday, planning a corporate retreat, or creating a "destination wedding" atmosphere at a venue in your hometown, we want to be there every step of the way to make it uniquely you. 

Because we want to invest in you as much as you invest in us, we prefer to meet with you as early on in your planning process as possible. However, we also understand that you don't always realize you need outside help until later on in the process, for this, we have several packages to help with planning & coordination closer to your date. 


We take pride in crafting beautiful, organic floral designs that encompass each client's vision and personality. Whether you need a bridal bouquet for a photography session, a centerpiece for your family dinner or a full wedding production we have you covered.